November 19, 2024 - Helsinki

Join us for The Future of Software

Embracing Collaboration in an AI-Powered World

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Welcome to The Future of Software: Embracing Collaboration in an AI-Powered World, a conference where top experts and visionaries gather to explore the future of the software industry. Join tech executives and thought leaders for insightful discussions on innovations, business agility, and the pivotal role of AI in software development. 

Experience a keynote from a world-leading futurist and more than 15 insightful presentations covering diverse topics, from business and software to DevOps, CX, and service management.

Get inspired by practical cases from leading companies and industry experts, sharing their perspectives on the future of software, agile tools, innovations in development, and the intersection of DevOps and service management.

Secure your spot at one of Finland's most beautiful venues Pikku Finlandia today!

Keynote speaker

Anne Lise Kjaer


The Human Interface

Interested in learning how technology and empathy work together? Anne Lise Kjaer, a well-known futurist and visionary speaker, will take us on an exploration of this topic as she takes center stage at our conference.

Known for her work with household names like Amazon, BBC, and IKEA, Anne will explore "The Human Interface," which looks at the critical yet complex relationship between people, businesses, and technology.

There's a fine line between being helpful and being intrusive, and Anne teaches us how to navigate this using the power of technology and our core human values, which we must not lose sight of!

Step out of the cold world of algorithms and robotic interactions and discover how genuine human connections are the key to building trust, innovation, and shaping a future that reflects our deepest desires.

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